i'm liam saliba

currently i'm a 2nd year master of computer science student @ university of melbourne

i have a BSc (Computing and Software Systems) and DipMaths (Statistics) from unimelb (2020)

i will be doing a masters research project soon, but i am too undecisive to choose

this semester, i am studying statistical machine learning, ai planning for autonomy and research methods


i've been an academic tutor at the university of melbourne for over two years now.

currently i'm head tutor for comp10002 (2w), and a tutor/demonstrator for comp30023 (2t, 3d)

i'm also helping shaananc with dual delivery of comp10002 lectures. namely, figuring out how to deliver engaging lectures to a concurrently live in-person and online audience. so i'm in charge of mics and cameras and answering student questions in zoom chat, and usually have to fix a lot of stuff while that happens. seems like the students are enjoying it!

previously i have taught

(21s2 is 2021 semester 2. t=tutorial, d=demonstration, w=workshop=1t1d)

most classes in 2020-2021 ran online, so i had the pleasure of zoom delivery. if you were a student of mine during this time, get in touch!

i was invited to give a lecture about computer malware for info30006. it was a lot of fun. slides

in 2021-22, i expanded comp10002 and comp20005's online offering on grok by adding over 50 exercises from alistair moffat's book programming software and abstraction with c

my stuff

there are subject notes and misc code projects on github, i'll clean that up at some point

i can be found online as exradr / lsp0 / lsproductions0. opinions are of my own and not my employers

other stuff i think people should know about

i did not make these, i just think they're cool

when i'll be bothered, i'll turn some of these into links


here i get to practice gratitude to people who have taken me places

this section is a work in progress. i'll probably make this more polite by giving links and full names, etc

thanks to: shaanan & jianzhong, alistair, bach & anna, shanika, suelette & chris; friends, family, tracy

thanks for stopping by, have a nice day!